What is in4nite?

What is in4nite?


The designers use their expertise for creating a variety of fascinating designs and products based on the technical textile, Colback, supported by the expertise of Low & Bonar.

in4nite enables Low & Bonar to provide relevant design solutions extrapolating the aesthetical and functional properties of the Colback Technology.


Featured designs

Featured designs


Playfully engaging the translucency of the Colback® by graphic interplay

by Dana Dijkgraaf


Using an shape memory alloy to change the shape of the Colback®

by Minusplusminus


Rope samples and constructions which define the basic properties of a new mode of Colback® fibre application

by Rick Tegelaar


Ultrasonic welding made it possible to turn Colback® into ‘Colfront' 

by Daphna Laurens

Be part of in4nite!

Be part of in4nite!

If you've got a bright design idea, we want to hear about it.
If we shortlist your design, we could help you to produce your product.

Keep updated on In4nite!

Keep updated on in4nite!


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