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Product Highlights from Dutch Design Week 2017 – in4nite on Arch Paper

"The Arnhem-based materials company Low & Bonar invited ten local designers to create designs with the company’s “Colback” technical fabrics. Normally, the filament-based, non-woven material is used in automotive vehicles, flooring, carpeting, and other non-decorative applications. The exhibition showcases the work of interdisciplinary designers who all expanded the material’s possibilities. "-  in4nite on Arch Paper

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in4nite on Mimi Berlin

Since the Colback® “cloth” is never used as a visible material by itself we think it’s a smart move of Low & Bonar to invite designers who are trained to come up with products that are gentle to the eye (and brain). As L&B state themselves: “The ‘in4nite’ project enables Low & Bonar to provide relevant design solutions extrapolating the aesthetical and functional properties of the Colback Technology.”

After visiting the top floor of ‘Building TQ’, which is filled with the results, we guess L&R can say that they succeeded; most of the ‘reinventions’ and/or designs seemed useful and ready for production.


Read more on - Mimi Berlin

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Dutch designers showcase furniture and products made from unusual textile – in4nite on Dezeen

A group of 10 designers from the Netherlands has teamed up with manufacturer Low & Bonar to create a set of products made from its non-woven Colback textile.

For an exhibition during this year's Dutch Design Week, the 10 participants presented their own interpretations of the unusual material, which is typically used for technical applications – from insulation and carpeting, to building dykes and roads.

Read more on Dezeen

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in4nite on TL Magazine

"UK building-material company Low&Bonar used to think that the effects of Colback, a technical fabric mainly used in transportation and interior carpeting, should be felt and not seen. Bring on the Dutch designers: through a collaboration with 10 young creators, they’re exploring the very visible possibilities of the material. The result is in4nite, an exhibition that presents the likes of Rick Tegelaar’s screens, made with a 3D yarn printer, and Joris de Groot’s laminated-felt pleated chairs." - TL Magazine


Design on photo: Rick Tegelaar. Photo by John Dijkgraaf.

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in4nite on Alice in Whateverland

"The results are both ingenious and beautiful with projects ranging from lighting, to furniture, to graphics, and the exhibition design frames all works in an elegant but restrained way using Colback in white. Don’t miss these young talents work!" - Goodread on Alice in Whateverland

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Where you can find us at Dutch Design Week

Having trouble finding us? Please let us guide you:



Strijp-T is very well accessible. By train (3 minutes walk from Strijp-S station), car (5 minutes from the A2), plane (10 minutes from Eindhoven Airport) and bike (10 minutes from the city center).

You can find Strijp TQ is on the railway side of the terrain.  You can see our in4nite banner when you arrive at the Strijp location almost intermediately.

There is  a free parking space in front of the entrance, and the barriers will open automatically.  Follow the red carpet inside and take the left lift to the 6th floor.
When arrived on the 6th, please take the stairs and go left to visit the exhibition.
Strijp TQ, Achtseweg Zuid 151
5651 GW Eindhoven
Opening Hours:  10:00 - 20:00

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in4nite: Pareltje #3 van DDW

Alles draait hier tijdens DDW om smart materials, en dan het materiaal Colback® in het bijzonder. Dat laatste doet waarschijnlijk geen belletje rinkelen, en toch kom je het materiaal overal tegen. In daken, in automatten en in de achterkant van tapijten. “Colback shinet vooral op de achtergrond”, grapt Rick Tegelaar, één van de ontwerpers van in4nite. - Read more about the Hidden Gem tour and in4nite on E52.NL (Dutch only)

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In4Nite Festive opening Event


Saturday 21st of October. 4 PM

Welcome to the infinite world of Colback, the official kick-off and open invitation to interested parties to explore the background, motivation and approach of the In4nite project.

All designers and representatives of Low& Bonar will be present. We will present the summarized result of the project in a booklet and have a pavilion ready to explore. There will be drinks and small bites available and an in4nite introduction with welcome words from:

Bob Elzen: Global Strategic Marketing Director I&T at Low & Bonar

Gareth Kaminski- Cook: Global Business Director I&T at Low & Bonar

one company: one material: ten designers: infinite ideas

About the project:

The Low & Bonar in4nite project will be launched at Dutch Design Week 2017. It is an exceptional collaboration between a listed international operating company and a group of ten designers with substantial background in various disciplines. Charley Reijnders, Dana Dijkgraaf, Erik Stehmann, Joris de Groot, Klaas Kuiken, KRAFT Architecten, Mieke van den Hout, Rick Tegelaar, Robbin Baas en Tijn van Orsouw have experimented with the capabilities of the Colback material, produced by Low & Bonar. This interdisciplinary group includes product designers, architects and graphical designers with their own vision on design. The end results will presented at the spectacular new pavilion at the TQ building on Dutch Design Week.

Entrance is free of charge. You are very welcome to join! Please confirm your attendance here.

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Materials & the Future # 5

Friday 27th of October at 10:30 AM

Presentation on Smart Textiles and How Materials help solve problems with key note speeches from

Dr. Patrycjya Bosowski- Schoenberg ; Project Engineer R&D, Group R&D Low & Bonar

Thomas Valcke: Lead Designer from Creax "

“CREAX was invited to provide insights and inspiration on smart materials and their impact. Smart materials already affect our daily lives, just think of the color changing coffee cup or baby spoon. Yet there are so many more materials and one by one they are causing disruption across industries and markets.

So please join us on this journey through this extraordinary world and experience the influence of these materials on our not so distant future.”


About Creax:

As a frontrunner in innovation consulting and research, CREAX introduces a systematic approach to the fuzzy and unstructured world of innovation. Our versatile team combines analytical skill and creative energy, with your next breakthrough solution as a result.

Depending on your challenge, we assist in one or more stages of your innovation process. By detecting growth opportunities, solving production issues or finding new applications for existing products and materials.

Our motto is: “Somewhere, someone has already solved your problem”. Making your challenge abstract allows us to make the link with other industries. This allows us to come up with dozens of proven solutions to boost your innovation process.

About Low & Bonar:

Low & Bonar products help our customers build better, faster, safer and stronger, delivering more beautiful and elegant solutions, while contributing to a more sustainable world.

We produce advanced, high-performance materials from polymer-based yarns and fibres. The proprietary technologies we use to weave and create them lead to products with exceptional strength and versatility. They bring unique solutions to a wide range of markets, in applications that touch on and improve all our lives.

You're very welcome to join!Entrance is free of charge. Please confirm your attendance here.

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Materials & the Future #4

Thursday 26th of October at 3:15 PM

Treasure hunting on the DDW, searching for Design & Technology

Industry Parc De Kleefse Waard (IPKW) is looking for the hidden gems in the field of crossovers between design and technology.

IN4NITE is a perfect example of a successful collaboration between different industries and disciplines and they are Located @ IPKW!

For several years we have been promoting crossovers between design and technology. Effects of these are beginning to get shape, for example; the Design & Technology events, the IPKW collection and started the housing of a number of top designers and more and more! We are actively stimulate to connect these residents to the existing manufacturing industry. The ultimate result of this is the In4nite project, a collaboration between Low and Bonar IPKW resident and 10 IPKW-based designers!

With key note speech from Tjeerd Veenhoven :

Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven is a product design studio, however in a very different way. We design value chains, from raw material all the way up to product and the consumer experience. Because our projects are so new, different and sometimes radical we like to experiment, test and design the entire value chain to finish with a Proof of Principle.

There is a lot to consider and so much involved in making new products based on new materials that an average design process takes up to a year. In this design process we are all sorts of things, inventors, producers, designers, philosophers, activists, business men, volunteers and bank. It is obvious you can’t always explain what we do in one sentence but I am happy to say that eventually every successful project can be explained in just that single sentence.

Our aim is to seek opportunities where they are missed and to simply do good. Our projects have given us unique insight in the design process and the methods have proven themselves. At this moment three of our projects have made a successful transition from being Proof of Principle to Sustainable Business, something of which we are very proud.

You're very welcome to join!Entrance is free of charge. Please confirm your attendance here.


Dutch Design Week

Building TQ, 6th floor

Achtseweg Zuid 151, 5651 GW Eindhoven

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Open: 10:00 - 20:00



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